My story

My personal yoga journey started in 2006. Prior to this I had a very stressful job with a large corporate firm in the City of London. I was young, fit and healthy. I worked 12-16 hours a day, I burnt the candle at both ends and had little regard to wellness. Then a nasty virus took hold, which I struggled to shift and suddenly my life was changed forever. With my immune system shot to pieces, I wasn’t able to exercise the way I did before and so my yoga journey began……

I fell into yoga because my body was too weak to cope with traditional fitness classes, but I very quickly became hooked!

My teachings are grounded in the traditional lineage of Hatha Yoga. I honour the lineage whilst adapting my teaching to adjust to the modern world.

I haven’t always been a calm yogi (and I’m not always now….I’m a mother of two young children so I’m constantly being tested!). If you know you need yoga to help you lead a more peaceful life but you can’t see yourself sitting around a camp fire in wide-legged harem pants chanting ‘Om’, then I completely understand. I’ve been there! Whilst the philosophy of yoga is a large part of my teaching, I recognise the more spiritual aspects of practice can be uncomfortable for some so I will seek to understand your mindset and teach in a way that is accessible to you.

Whatever your background, I can help you on your journey, and, from my own unique perspective, I will share my teachings with you and help you reach your goals. If you want to transform your yoga practice, then sign up for a one-to-one yoga session with us today.







Yoga enhances your life

Yoga’s powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine and nervous systems  boosts metabolism, burns calories and reduces stress.  Breathwork increases lung capacity.  All in addition to increasing flexibility, toning muscles and losing weight. 

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