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Do you have a busy life, a stressful job, juggle multiple activities and often feel stressed, tired or anxious? A regular yoga practice can help you feel calmer, more relaxed and better able to deal with life’s daily challenges.

You may take a regular group yoga class and feel more relaxed, less tense and sleep well after the class but your stress levels may quickly rise the following day with the commute to work, a phone call with some bad news or a huge pile in your in-tray!

Group classes are a great way to build a regular practice, socialise with like-minded individuals and experience the energy of a group setting but there is rarely time for the teacher to share the wider benefits of yoga. With our one-to-one sessions, in addition to everything you can expect from a group class, our focus will be entirely on YOUR practice so we can focus entirely on YOUR needs.

We can focus on a specific area if that needs attention. For example, if you regularly suffer from tight shoulders, upper back and neck due to sitting hunched over a desk every day, we can tailor your practice to focus on relieving tension in these areas. Or you might be a keen long-distance runner or cyclist and suffer from tight hamstrings. If so, we can work with you to help stretch and strengthen your hamstrings and help prevent future injuries.

We will offer tips to perfect your alignment and deepen your practice. We will also gently guide you through the principles and philosophy of yoga and suggest subtle changes you can make in your everyday life so you can enjoy a calmer, less stressful existence.




Yoga enhances your life

Yoga’s powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine and nervous systems  boosts metabolism, burns calories and reduces stress.  Breathwork increases lung capacity.  All in addition to increasing flexibility, toning muscles and losing weight. 

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