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Are you completely new to yoga? You’ve heard about the many benefits of yoga and want to give it a try but are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

You’ve thought about trying a class and you may even have researched it online. But there are so many different styles, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga…..how do you know what is right for you? Do you feel too nervous to go to a yoga studio because you are not flexible enough or fit enough and worry you’ll struggle through the class?

Well, here’s the thing. Not everyone who does yoga can twist and flex their body into the poses you’ve seen on Instagram. Yoga is accessible to everyone. You just need to find the right class, and the right teacher. If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious or worried you won’t be able to do the poses as well as the next person (you shouldn’t by the way, yoga isn’t about that!), a one-to-one class can be a great way to explore yoga and help you build a strong foundation for your practice.

You can ask questions without feeling self-conscious, we’ll break down the postures for you and you’ll get step by step instructions to guide you in each aspect of the practice. You can build your confidence and develop your practice in a non-judgemental, encouraging environment until you feel comfortable enough to join a group class.




Yoga enhances your life

Yoga’s powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine and nervous systems  boosts metabolism, burns calories and reduces stress.  Breathwork increases lung capacity.  All in addition to increasing flexibility, toning muscles and losing weight. 

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