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Why Savasana Is The Most Important Pose

Savasana is hands-down the most important part of your yoga practice.  Modern society tends to place greater value on speed and productivity, but with the fast pace of modern life, mastering the art of Savasana is more valuable than ever.

Savasana might look like an easy pose, a chance to take a nap at the end of class but it’s actually a fully conscious posed aimed at being completely relaxed and is more difficult than it looks.

Savasana is said to relieve mild depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue and insomnia. However, this simple-sounding pose can be difficult to master. The body and mind can cause distractions that make it a challenge.

All of my classes end with a final savasana and are sprinkled with mini savasanas throughout the practice.  The longer relaxation at the end of class is like a reboot for the body.  The body and mind, tired and free of tension after the postures, and more open to deeper relaxation. The addition of a guided relaxation practice helps to the scan the body for any remaining tension and send signals to these muscles to relax and surrender. This has a powerful effect on your practice, allowing you to activate the nervous system, relieve tension in the body and promote calmness in entire body.

Some days are easier than others where you can effortlessly drift off into a light and calm inner state.  At other times, your mind or body may cause distractions which make it more difficult.  If your mind wanders, be gentle on yourself and gently bring your thoughts back to your breath. Trust in the process and look out for and enjoy those peaceful moments.  It takes practice and patience to surrender easily but once you’ve mastered savasana, it will, without doubt, become your favourite pose!


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