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It takes time to adjust to a new style of yoga. Ideally, you should allow yourself at least 8 weeks to try out a new style and notice the effects before you make any decision whether it’s for you.

A practice may contain elements that are outside your comfort zone and initially make you feel self-conscious. Our suggestion is that you accept the parts of the practice that sit well with your conscious and have an open mind and be non-judgemental on those elements that currently feel a bit strange (after all these practices have been tried and tested for centuries). You might find out that it is exactly these elements that are vital to give you the breakthrough transformation you were searching for.

We recognise it isn’t always possible to initially commit to an extended length of time but in order to allow a consistent level and to achieve maximum benefit from your practice we recommend you commit to a minimum of four sessions with us.

Upon booking a course of private sessions you will receive:

• A consultation discussing your requirements and any goals or specific results you would like to achieve from you practice.

• Advice and assistance on suitable equipment and location/arrangement of your home practice area.

• Tailor made sequencing to suit your physical body and state of mind

• Hands on (or audio) adjustments and assists in postures (if suitable)

• Personalised modifications to postures where needed

• Home practice routines and suggestions should you wish to practice alone between sessions

• Ongoing support with the progress and development of your Yoga practice

Yoga Basics Course
Build a strong foundation to begin, or improve your practice of Yoga. This intensive course will focus on proper breathing, creating correct alignment, core stability and awareness. A steady and informative class, with time to work on individual poses this course aims to give you the confidence and knowledge to reap the benefits and enjoy Yoga. Please enquire for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: During Covid-19, for the safety of our teachers and students, all classes will be carried out online.

Private classes are 75 minutes (approx. 60 minutes yoga practice plus time for questions and final relaxation). Classes can be held either online or at the client’s home or office (a supplement is charged for home/office classes depending on location).

Class prices:

COVID-19 Group class – single session (60mins) £10

COVID-19 Group class introductory special offer (4 class pass) £10

COVID-19 Group class 4 class pass (4 x 60mins) £32

Single private class (75 mins) £65

Single private Pregnancy Yoga class (75 mins) £65

Introductory 4 class pass (75 mins) (one per person) £120

4 class pass (4 x 75 mins) £240

4 class Pregnancy Yoga (4 x 75mins) £240

10 class pass (10 x 75 mins) £550

Yoga basics course (8 x 60 mins) £395

Prices quoted are for online classes. For client preference locations there is a supplement of £5 per class for locations in SW4, SW6, SW13, SW14, SW15, SW17, SW18, SW19, SW20, £10 for KT postcodes. For different class durations or locations not listed, please message for prices and more details.







Yoga enhances your life

Yoga’s powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine and nervous systems  boosts metabolism, burns calories and reduces stress.  Breathwork increases lung capacity.  All in addition to increasing flexibility, toning muscles and losing weight. 

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