Online Class Admin

To ensure the smooth running of our online classes, please familiarise yourself with the below in advance of the class.

General guidelines

Online sessions are held via the Zoom app.

How to join: Purchase your classes in advance (at least 30 mins before class starts). We’ll email you a link to access the session via Zoom. It’s as easy as that!

Classes will start promptly. Sessions will go live 15 minutes before the start time so please join early so you have time to set yourself up and take a few minutes to lay in relaxation pose (lying flat on your back) before the class starts.

Wear loose comfortable clothing or sportswear.

Try not to have a heavy meal in the 2-3 hours before class starts.

If you have cushions and a blanket it may be helpful to have these close by during the class.

If you have a yoga strap (a thick belt or a dressing gown cord work well too), it might be helpful to have this to hand too.

Please check your computer and mat set up before the class starts.

Ideally, position your mat horizontally towards your device and make sure I can see the full length of your body on the screen. If space does not permit this, position your device at the front of the mat but please be aware that I will not be able to see your full range of movement.

Ensure there is sufficient light for the entire class. (Tip: it helps to have the back of your device towards the maximum amount of light).

Mute yourself at the start of the session to reduce unnecessary noise. If you have any questions or concerns during the class, please use Zoom chat and I’ll find a moment during class to respond.

Please find the thumbnail on the screen with me and select 'Pin Video'. This will make sure you can see me and the demonstrations throughout the class and stops other class members from accidentally appearing on your screen.

Set the volume on your device to maximum (or use Bluetooth earphones).

My ability to correct and adjust is limited in an online class. It is natural to feel a stretch when doing poses but do only what feels safe and comfortable for your body. If you feel any pain or discomfort, come out of the pose and lie flat on your back (in savasana) until the next pose.

By participating in an online class you take full responsibility for your practice and understand that your concerns are being addressed within the general welfare of the group majority.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (by phone or email) in advance so I can address these before the class. Please also let me know of any injuries before the class starts.



Yoga enhances your life

Yoga’s powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine and nervous systems  boosts metabolism, burns calories and reduces stress.  Breathwork increases lung capacity.  All in addition to increasing flexibility, toning muscles and losing weight. 

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